Jones Serpentine Crank

jones serpentine crankTo Water Pump Belt Drive

We recommend this kit to all our engine customers that are running rear mount power steering. We like the fact the ratio between the water pump and crank is correct. We would like to keep it 1-1 on the ratio to help keep the engine cool, which works well when you’re turning the engine 8000 rpm's. We have to under drive the water pump because our customers turn closer to 9000 rpm's. Studies show that water pumps tend to cavitate when rpm's exceed 8000. When running gas we recommend the big gm 4 blade fan. Running this big fan to keep the motor cool really puts a strain on the belts up front. I don't believe a v-belt setup can pull this fan without out slipping especially after a couple nights of racing and the belts and pulleys get some wear. We all know that when these belts slip our engines run hotter. This is not good on the engine and takes confidence from the driver when he has a light on in the cockpit. I know from experience that running a serpentine drive, engines run cooler!!!

Jones Crank to Water Pump Kit $295
Aluminum Water Pump $95