Fully Machined GM Blocks

We take new GM blocks and run them through our CNC machine. We can make these blocks to your specs as far as deck heights and bore sizes.

What Work is Done

  • Line bore checked and touched up if needed
  • Square decked to a particular deck height
  • Bored and plate-honed to any bore size
  • Cylinders chamfered
  • Head bolt holes thread chased
  • Run through spray cabinet to remove any debris
  • Cam bearings and freeze plugs installed
  • Lifter bores honed to size for roller or flat tappet lifter
  • Stroker clearanced

Basic Package: $1,350

We can also fully lighten this block or offer internal only packages. On the full lighten we get approximately 12 lbs. off stock weight.

GM Block Lightening

Internal & Rear $400
Complete $700