New! Dart LS CNC Block

MRE is now offering fully CNC machined Dart LS blocks. This way a person can get a fully machined block, all to their specifications, all from one place (keep in mind, out of state customers do not pay sales tax). All the machining done to the block is performed on a new CNC machine. This way your decks, bores, lifter bores, etc. are machined in exact locations. Our prices on the blocks are very competitive since we do such a high volume. We stock over 100 Dart blocks at all times. We also offer more advanced machining operations that only a select few shops have these types of capabilities (we are the only shop that can lighten a Dart LS block). Listed below are prices laid out from buying block “as is” to having a fully machined ready to assemble block, then below that are the more advanced custom operations.


31867211 - SHP 4.125 BORE (block cost as is)   $2,195
31867111 - SHP 4.000 BORE (block cost as is)   $2,195
31867112 - SHP PRO 4.000 BORE (block cost as is)   $2,695
31867212 - SHP PRO 4.125 BORE (block cost as is)   $2,695
31837211 - NON SKIRTED LS Next 4.125 BLOCK (block cost as is)   $2,495
31837111 - NON SKIRTED LS Next 4.000 BLOCK (block cost as is)   $2,495
31937212 - ALUM NON SKIRTED 4.125 BLOCK (block cost as is)   $5,095
31947211 - ALUM SKIRTED 4.125 BLOCK (block cost as is)   $5,095


The following are standard operations done to where the block is ready to assemble when you receive it. We recommend doing a final wash before assembling.

Standard Operations
  • Warm the block up to 200-250 degrees, then install the torque plates to seat the sleeves (aluminum blocks only).
  • Line bore is checked and brushed if needed.
  • Deck is machined to your specific deck height.
  • Cylinders are chamfered.
  • All oil galleys and machined surfaces are deburred.
  • Lifter bore size verified for proper clearance of your lifter (honed if needed).
  • Bores are torque plate honed to size.
  • Block is ran back through a jet spray cabinet to remove any machining debris (all oil galleys are brushed out).
  • Cam bearings and freeze plugs are installed.
  • Oil restrictors are installed if needed.
Cost to do standard operations (cast iron blocks) - plus parts kit (cam bearings and freeze plugs)   $650 labor
Cost to do standard operations (aluminum blocks) - includes parts kit   $995 labor
Available Options
Bore block beyond standard bore size (4.000 - 4.125)   $100
Machine lifter bores to .903   $275
Machine lifter bores to .937   $350
Install lifter bore bushings in cast iron blocks (plus the cost of the bushings)   $395
Install keyed lifter bore bushings (includes lifter bore bushings)   $1,200
Machine cam tunnel to 55 roller or 60 babbit (roller bearings $125)   $395
Lighten a skirted cast iron block (approximately 30 lbs. of weight is removed plus looks like a piece or artwork)   $1,395
Lighten a non-skirted cast iron block (approximately 23-25 lbs. of weight is removed plus looks like a piece of artwork)   $1,195
Lighten a non-skirted alum block (more artwork)   $995


block being cnc decked tn   block being cnc bored tn   lifter bores being machined in exact blueprint location tn
Block Being CNC Decked   Block Being CNC Bored   Lifter Bores Being Machined in Exact Blueprint Location


lightened side of the aluminum ls block tn   lightened side of a skirted shp block tn   front lightening shp ls block tn
Lightened Side of Aluminum LS Block   Lightened Side of Skirted SHP Block   Front Lightening of SHP LS Block
rear lightening dart shp ls block tn        
Rear Lightening of Dart SHP LS Block