Fully machined with removing factory mounting makes block look cleaner and more weight is removed tnMRE is proud to announce that we have wrapped up the skirted block lightening program. It is common knowledge how strong the LS block is, probably the strongest block of any format, but the downfall is how heavy it is. We have designed a lightening program to get 29-31 lbs. (without doing main caps) off of this block without sacrificing strength. There is a lot of unneeded material all over this particular block. We leave material in the critical areas but remove it where it is not needed. The pictures of this block truly do not do it justice…it’s a piece of artwork. We can do partial lightening programs or the complete package. As noted above, this is for the skirted block, we are in the process of finishing the non-skirted cast iron block and the aluminum version as well.

Pictures and Pricing