In 1994, Chad Mullins attended UTI in Glendale Heights, IL and he graduated in 1995. Chad started building engines and doing machine work while he was in high school. In the spring of 1995, Mullins Auto Parts & Salvage expanded by adding Mullins Machine Shop. Chad and three other employees now operate the Machine Shop in Mt Olive, IL.

Chad has had an interest in building race engines, and in 1998 his brother Brent began racing UMP modifieds. This gave Chad the opportunity to expand his knowledge and experience with race engines. Since that time, Chad has gained first hand experience with fine tuning his engine combinations, different car set up, and gearing. He feels that this knowledge and racing experience sets him apart from other engine builders.

Due to the experience and knowledge gained on the race track, Mullins has realized that different drivers and their driving styles require different engine set-ups. Different cubic inch, cylinder head, and cam combination are essential for each individual driver and track configuration. In the spring of 2005, Mullins will be adding a building with a new dyno facility. This new addition will enhance Mullins R & D Department.