MRE offers USMTS/USRA spec heads. This is the roller-open type. We prep the heads as we do on our own engines. They come standard with a CHE valve guide upgrade (5/16” on both intake and exhaust), angle milled to 64cc with the intake face and head bolt bosses correction machined. The valve job is done on a NEWEN single point CNC machine so it is the highest quality workmanship in the industry.

Machined Bare Castings (ready to assemble)   $1,895
Stage 1 Assembled Heads (Ferrea steel valves on both intake and exhaust)   $2,850
Stage 2 Assembled Heads (Del West coated titanium intake valve with a Ferrea steel exhaust valve)   $3,500
Available Parts to Go with Heads to Make Top End Kit
Matched intake (partial CNC ported)   $600
T&D shaft rockers   $1,295
3/8" pushrods   $165
Crower roller lifters   $450
MRE custom roller cam   $375
ARP head stud kit   $205
Top end gasket kit   $130
Fabricated valve covers   $315