USMTS/USRA Concept Heads

We are offering USMTS/USRA concept heads and complete top end kit packages for customers and/or other engine builders. These are 100% legal. These heads will be prepped and machined exactly like what we do for our own engines. We feel the most important aspect with what the rules allow is the valve job. We also machine the chambers to 64 cc.


Fully Assembled Concept Heads


Parts Kit

Matched CNC ported intake   $600
T&D shaft rockers   $1,245
Comp stud mount rockers   $400
Comp stud girdle assembly   $235
Push rods   $145
Lifters   $120
EDM hole type lifter   $160
Flat tappet cam   $220
Head stud kit   $185
MRE valve covers   $315
Top end gasket    $130