Ford Open Aluminum Outlaw Heads

Bare Outlaw Castings

  $2,390 pa

Stage 1 Complete Outlaw Heads

(parts are good to 8200 rpms)
  $3,200 pa

Stage 2 Complete Outlaw Heads

(parts are good to 9000 rpms)
  $3,950 pa

Parts Kit

Matched CNC ported intake   $1,250
T&D shaft rockers   $1,295
3/8" push rods   $165
Crower roller lifters   $450
Head stud kit   $185
MRE valve covers   $315
MRE custom roller camshaft   $375
These castings are from Brodix. We had changes made to these castings as well. This Ford combination is our most POWERFUL we offer. The heads come with only 1 intake runner size and the chambers can be ordered from 62 - 64cc. The intake has been shifted to fit these heads so I would plan on ordering one of these with the heads for assembly to go well.