Chevy Open Steel Outlaw Heads

Bare Outlaw Castings

  $995 ea.

Stage 1 Complete Open Roller Outlaw Heads


Stage 2 Complete Open Roller Outlaw Heads


IMCA Steel Heads


Parts Kit for Chevy Open Steel Outlaw Heads

Matched CNC ported intake   $600
Roller cam   $375
Roller lifters   $450
Push rods   $135
T&D shaft rockers   $1,295
MRE valve covers   $315
Carb spacer & stud kit   $115
Top end gasket set   $130
Head lightening   $200/hd

Our new head lightening option takes 5-6 lbs. off per head, this is 10-12 lbs. off for the pair. If you have existing Dart steel heads we can offer you this service. We our proud to announce that our fully machined Outlaw head with our head lightening option makes the lightest steel head available. These heads are 9-10 lbs. lighter per head than an out of the box Dart steel head. This makes for 18-20 lb. lighter engine!!!

This is very similar to our aluminum head. We were able to get Dart to make changes that we wanted to the casting. These changes allow us to design a better port than what we can do with a standard Dart head. These castings are fully CNC ported in house. We also use CHE brand manganese valve guides. This keeps from having all the valve guide problems that go along with steel heads. We offer these with 2 different runner sizes (225 and 235) and chamber sizes between 62 through 65cc.