2 Barrel Heads


We have designed a partially ported head for a 2 barrel application. There are many things to look at in a 2 barrel application that will kill power. We know that the intake runner being much more than a 200 will make it not run well on the race track. We do a partial port on the intake side and work over the combustion chamber area and exhaust port. This allows us to put a high flowing valve job in the heads to make the most power. We also will offer our fully machined version where we shed approximately 10 lbs. per head off versus the out of box castings. There is not a better 2 barrel head on the market today!!

Complete heads (flat tappet setup)

$2,695 pr.
Fully machined bare castings $900 ea.
Match ported intake (windows only, no plenum work) $450
Cam $215
Lifters $120
Pushrods $135
Crower stud mount rockers $375

Available Upgrades

Fully machined (per head) $200
Roller setup (upgrade on heads only, top end kit parts not included
on this upgrade price)