13 Degree Mod Heads


Please feel free to read our write-up on our 13 degree mod engine package to understand our reasoning and thought process for this new engine design. The heads we sell will be prepped and finished as if they are going on an engine built in house. One of the biggest problems with doing an exotic valve angle head is the parts combination that goes with it. There are so many problems when doing this unless you buy a package designed to work together.

Common problems start with the valve pockets in the pistons being designed to fit the valve locations in X and Y coordinates. This is always a major problem along with the manifold fitting the ports and being at the correct height. All our parts are custom made to work together. The pistons are custom made to fit the heads exactly.

We weld the windows of the manifold up and CNC machine so they align up properly. We also have a CNC program we run on the plenum area. We center the core of the manifold, run our CNC program through the plenum area, then relocate the carb flange bolt holes so the carb aligns exactly to the plenum area. We also CNC manifold flange spacers to correct the fit from the manifold to the head.


Complete heads (good to 8600)

  $5,250 pr.
Fully machined bare castings   $1,500 ea.
Partial ported manifold CNC (includes flange spacers)   $1,395
Pushrods (3/8 - .135 wall dual taper)   $250
Head stud kit   $285
T-D shaft mount rockers   $1,395
Roller camshaft   $425
Lifters   $550
Carb spacer   $95
Carb stud kit   $18.50
Valve covers   $315
Top end gasket set   $195
Custom pistons   $895
Ringpack   $225

Available Upgrades

Titanium exhaust valves (makes good to 9000)   $660