The MRE version of the concept engine is available for USMTS/USRA/WISSOTA racers. We get the question all the time if it's an advantage or disadvantage. We feel like it's both. If you're racing on primarily slick or smaller race tracks, we feel it has advantages. One is just the fact that the engine is less responsive due to the flat tappet cam, it's almost like it has a built-in restrictor plate. On a slicker surface this will have drivability advantages. Then on top of that the rules allow the car to have a one inch taller spoiler. From wind tunnel testing adding one inch on top of the deck is not near the advantage that adding a one inch spoiler to an existing five inch would be. The taller the spoiler is like having a multiplier to the higher it is off the deck.

In our opinion, this has potential to help a car quite a bit in the right situations. Then, the car gets to come in 50 lbs. lighter. In our opinion this advantage has the least potential for gain but it does help if you can get the percentages right on the car and lose the weight as well.

All the advantages listed would be disadvantages in other situations. For example, on big racetracks where maximum power is needed, the concept is down approximately 30 horsepower compared to open spec. On heavy surfaces less spoiler would be an advantage. As a racer you have to decide which type of engine would give you the best results for where you race. Ricky Thornton Jr. had success in 2017 with the concept engine when driving for Gressel. When he installed the concept engine he won three out of six races with it in USMTS.


Basic Engine Package


Available Options

Shaft rockers (new for 2018)   $600
Crank upgrade (MRE custom Callies crank over Callies Compstar)   $900
Rod upgrade (Carrillo rods over Compstar)   $500
Oil pan upgrade (Dan Olson steel pan over Champ CP100LT, includes oil line drain back kit)   $700
Distributor and wires   $415
Water pump (includes spacers and bolt kit)   $150
Jones serpentine drive   $295
Shipping weight: 525 lbs.