13 Degree

(available in 415 and 430 ci combinations)

MRE has developed a new combination with a 13 degree valve angle. This thought process came from our 13 degree Late Model package we had so much success with in 2013. Let me back up and say that I have never been a fan of the 15 and 18 degree packages due to the monster intake runners and quite frankly out of date port designs. I think this is why we have been so successful with our 23 degree program is the fact that the intake runner is the right size and the port designs being very modern.

My main focus for this new combination is to create a more durable engine under conditions where the throttle is hardly lifted to let the engine breath. With our 23 degree program, we have the compression raised to get the optimum power out of the engine. When we get on big, wide tracks, the fuel system and timing must be tuned perfectly to prevent burning pistons since the 23 degree engine is maxed out.

The first step was to get a 13 degree casting made to our specifications. We will still use the efficient combustion chamber and high flowing exhaust port used on our Late Model engines. We were able to get Brodix to custom make our own casting with a small intake runner that we will final CNC machine in house. We designed a 13 degree intake port with the same cross sectional area as our 23 head. This will keep the drivability the way we feel it needs to be. We will gain in efficiency from the 13 degree valve angle and it also has a better line of sight from the intake manifold to the intake valve. With these added positives this will allow us to make great power and to be able to back off the compression to make a very reliable engine. Now with all this being said I still am very confident in our 23 degree program and feel just like everything else, both combinations have pros and cons...

13 Degree

  • engine that favors wide, swooping corner race tracks
  • more reliable in a NOT perfect world
  • more overall power

23 Degree

  • engine that favors tighter corner race tracks
  • cheaper to build
  • lighter overall weight
  • most versatile

Basic 13 degree engine package

(engine comes standard with titanium intake valves, ported manifold, stage 2 valve springs, oil cooler kit, and carb spacer)

Available Upgrades

50mm roller cam bearing upgrade (includes .904 roller lifters; oil cooler is not needed with this option)   $850
Titanium exhaust valves   $660

Available Options

Oil cooler   $550
Carb   $1,185
Distributor and wires (requires MSD slip collar)   $385
Water pump and line kit   $195
Jones serpentine belt drive (crank to water pump)   $295
Shipping weight: 525 lbs.