LS7 Northeast Modified

ls7 ne modFor the first time, we are offering a dedicated Northeast Modified package. This is our LS7 Late Model engine in a cast iron block. We have built a few of these engines in the past and have had success. The LS7 will make approximately 80-90 more HP without sacrificing drivability. This will be a contender with those BBC engines without the crazy price tag. These engines are good for the sport of dirt racing!

Engine Baseline Package

850 hp, 675 torque, designed to run with an 8800 rpm chip, comes standard with a waterline kit, valve spring oilers, and a crank trigger

Available Upgrades

55mm roller cam bearings (labor to machine block, roller bearing cost)   $550
Brad Miller bushed .903 lifters   $250
T&D steel shaft rockers (over aluminum T&D shaft rockers)   $650

Available Bolt-Ons

MSD distributor and MRE plug wires   $425
Carb spacer and stud kit   $275
Stewart LS cartridge style water pump and spacers   $679.90
Jones complete front drive system (water pump drive, alternator, power steering, and dry sump drive (dry sump pump not included)   $3,104.93
5-stage dry sump pump   $1,250
Shipping weight: 525 lbs.