LS7 Late Model

We are excited to announce that we are going to offer a new Late Model program completely focused around the LS platform. We are going to offer two types of engines based off the most bang for the buck to accommodate two different types of racers. This first engine, we are highlighting here, is more for the regional based teams. This gives them the opportunity to buy a brand new engine that makes the power levels needed to compete on the weekend events and on the traveling series shows without the "big team budget". Most of these guys try to buy used engines off bigger teams. We know how this can go very wrong (sometimes sideline a team for a season). Normally when someone is selling something used there is a reason for it.

Let’s back up and talk about what got us to the LS engine. We are dirt racers ourselves and are surrounded by what has worked "engine wise” past and present. This does not include the LS engine to date. I think it’s mainly because we are all creatures of habit and the thought of a completely new platform of an engine is a lot to swallow. If you think about it from an engine builder standpoint, there are a few big things that come to mind. We do not have one part on the shelf for something like this (it’s like starting over, every part needed has to be ordered). Then to make it more challenging, the LS is metric so a different tool set is needed. With all this being said, we began to do some research last fall on the LS. We found out a few things that really intrigued us. The first thing was the engine design (a combination of GM with a big time Ford twist). We feel like GM took their strengths, added Ford’s strengths, and came up with the LS.

We also found out the power levels guys are running with the parts that we use every day is unbelievable. It’s very common to see 2000-2500 HP out of all of these components. That was something that really turned our head. There is nothing more depressing than to have to call a customer up to let them know that their aluminum block is cracked on an engine they sent in for a standard freshen (this is generally a $5,500 setback). These LS blocks and rotating parts are built "hell for stout" and have been beat on and beat on for the last few years with these big power levels. The "better" and more "modern" mechanical design is what allows this. Then with the Ford addition to the engine, making big power is so much easier and less expensive. A couple of the advantages include the flatter valve angle and the valve layout to give the manifold a better line of sight. After taking all of this into consideration we felt like it was a great opportunity to take advantage of what this platform has to offer. It’s also really good for the sport of Late Model racing. Coming up with a new product in the racing business that can perform on the highest level of racing and is cheaper for the end user is hard to do.

Now let’s talk about our engine featured in the pictures above which is focused around the regional racer. Here we have a 430 CI, wedge-based engine. It is based off the LS7 platform which has a 12-degree head. Our biggest thing was to build something designed ground up by MRE. This platform took our knowledge base from our Modified and Late Model programs as well as our GM and Ford programs. These three things kept ringing out … BIG POWER, RELIABLE, and AFFORDABLE. With the great help from all of our vendors we put together a great parts combination. We were also able to do what has made us successful with our Modified engine program. Design our own head ports and 5-axis machine the heads in-house. We also had a piston completely designed around our cylinder head combustion chamber so it fits exact to maximize power. We stepped up and are using the latest and greatest in valve train design (highest level parts available today). We are very proud of the parts used in this engine and have the parts listed so everyone can see. Ford seems to be the engine of choice in Late Model racing today. The LS has the same drivability as the Ford but is capable of MORE power and being cheaper to build … WIN, WIN, WIN!

Our second design is in the works now and will be offered soon. It will be designed for the traveling racer for crown jewel events.


balancer crank trigger tn   spring oilers tn   water line kit tn
ATI balancer with
built-in crank trigger
  Built-in spring oilers   Water line kit


Parts List

  • Dart aluminum LS Next block with 55mm roller cam bearings and .903 lifter bores
  • Callies Magnum crank
  • Callies Ultra I-Beam rods
  • Mahle (MRE custom) pistons
  • Coated wrist pins
  • Coated rod and main bearings
  • Cloyes timing set (z-chain option)
  • ATI balancer (with built-in crank trigger option)
  • T&D shaft aluminum rockers ***upgrade to steel rockers available***
  • Comp pushrods
  • Comp 55 roller cam
  • Brad Miller .904 lifters ***bushing upgrade available***
  • Brodix LS7 castings with the ports designed and machined by MRE
  • Parts in heads as follows: Del West coated titanium intake and exhaust valves, Hornick valve spring, retainer, and lock combo
  • Dan Olson pan
  • Edelbrock manifold
  • Billet valve covers (built-in valve spring oilers)

Engine Baseline Package

*Revised* 850 hp 675 torque, designed to run with a 9000 rpm chip, comes standard with a waterline kit,
valve spring oilers, and a crank trigger

Available Upgrades

Brad Miller bushed .903 lifters   $250
T&D steel shaft rockers (over aluminum T&D shaft rockers)   $650

Available Bolt-Ons

MSD distributor and MRE plug wires   $425
Angled carb spacer and stud kit   $275
Stewart LS cartridge style water pump and spacers   $679.90
Jones cog style water pump pulley kit   $558.97
Jones serpentine drive kit   $426.10
Shipping weight: 525 lbs.