Crate Killer

After a year of development, we are now ready to release our new Crate Killer engine for IMCA. This comes at a very good time with IMCA making the rule change for 2016 making the cars equal by taking the spoiler off the crate engine powered car. Now we are just dealing with an engine to engine comparison with all the other aspects of the car being the same. Below is a comparison of the advantages...

The weight of the engine seems to be what most racers are concerned with. Our latest version weighs the same as a crate, give or take 5 lbs. either way. We have noticed all engines vary approximately 5 lbs.

We are making approximately 525 HP on gas. So not only are we up approximately 75 HP but we're doing it on gas which has many advantages of its own. Since the compression of the engines are very similar, the driveability characteristics are about the same.

The last thing to compare would be RPM level. We are not sure if this is an advantage or not but it is an option. We redline at 7800; the crate is 6200-6500.


Basic Engine Package


Available Options

Lightweight crank   $500
Distributer and MRE wires   $415
Carb spacer and stud kit   $115

If you supply your own block and head castings (which can be used), we will knock $1,000-$1,350 off the price of the engine.

Shipping weight: 525 lbs.