Oil Systems

We have a high volume of calls from different racers and engine builders wondering what oil systems we're using. I am going to put this on our site to give people the opportunity to buy exactly what we're using.

With the bad economy and racing in a bad state, I can only encourage racers and builders to buy what works. These parts are proven combinations that have been tested with very good success. These are all bold-on products that you can buy in a kit form. In these kits we provide everything needed to install the complete system without any fabrication. All the work is taken care of for you!

Schuman System

Our first kit is our Schuman system. This is a proven Schuman pump that we have had great success with. We install the pickup screen, clean the pump, and lubricate so it's ready for assembly. Parts in this kit include: Schuman billet gear pump, ARP oil pump stud and drive, Olson pan, and even a one piece pan gasket not shown in the picture.

Complete Kit $950

Titan System

Our second kit is our Titan system. We really only use this with our drivers that are really turning a lot of RPMs. As with our Schuman system everything is included: Titan pump, mounting stud, oil pump drive, distributor gear, Olson pan, and a one piece pan gasket, not pictured.

Complete Kit $1,350

Complete IMCA Modified - $455

(comes with Stage 2 Schuman pump)

Complete IMCA Sportmod - $395

(comes with Stage 1 Schuman pump and inspection plug built into pan)