Engines Available For Sale

shortblock415 2 tnshortblock415 1 tnWe have a 415 CI short block assembly available for sale. We built this for a customer and he no longer needs it.

Parts list as follows:

  • Fully machined SHP block $1,995
  • Stage 1 rotator which includes: Compstar crank, Compstar rods, Mahle pistons (this is an upgrade, $2,995 plus $150 for piston upgrade)
  • Assembly fee $750


zimmer2 tnzimmer1 tnEngine has just been freshened and ran across the dyno. It comes with everything seen in the pictures which includes the distributor, plug wires, carb spacer, Jones kit, water line kit, and oil cooler sandwich plate. This engine has ported spec heads with titanium intake valves and the ported manifold upgrade.


Engine Number 1284

skyberg2 tnskyberg1 tnCasey is switching to the new MRE LS engine platform and wants to sell his existing engine. This engine ran in Arizona at the Wild West Shootout with Ricky Thornton Jr. and had some good runs against some very good competition. This engine just had a major overhaul with a new rotating assembly, all new head parts, new lifters, new Olson pan, and sent the rockers in for a rebuild.

Engine is fresh off the dyno. A great engine for a regional racer.


Engine Number 1903

babb428 2 tnbabb428 1 tnCompletely fresh and dynoed. Shannon has plans on running our newest LS design for the 2019 season and would like to sell some of his conventional engines.

  • 4.000 stroke, 4.140 bore
  • Dart billet block
  • Callies billet crank
  • Crower titanium rods
  • Custom CP pistons
  • 55 MM cam
  • Jesel Keyway lifters
  • Clements 13/11 heads (all new Del West titanium valves and Joe Hornick valve spring package)
  • Crower stainless shaft rockers


Engine Number 1864