Latest Winners

230 Feature Wins in 2014


Jacob Hawkins

#13 Modified
4 Feature Wins
Portsmouth (OH) Raceway Park

Duane Cleveland

#2C Late Model
1 Feature Win
Fernley 95A (NV) Speedway

Ryan Gustin

#19R Late Model
6 Feature Wins
Lucas Oil (MO) Speedway

Eric Bentley

#11 Modified
1 Feature Win
Dublin (NC) Motor Speedway

Erik Bruce

#2 Modified
21 Feature Wins
Peoria (IL) Speedway


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13 Degree Mod Engine

13 degree modifiedWe have developed a new combination with a 13 degree valve angle. This thought process came from our 13 degree Late Model package we had so much success with in 2013. Our main focus for this new combination is to create a more durable engine under conditions where the throttle is hardly lifted to let the engine breath.


Late Model Engine

latemodelWe now offer a complete late model package. We had great success in 2013 with drivers like Brandon Sheppard (UMP National Champion and UMP Summer Nationals Champion), Shannon Babb, and Ryan Gustin. 


2 Barrel Heads

2 barrel headWe have designed a partially ported head for a 2 barrel application. There are many things to look at in a 2 barrel application that will kill power. We know that the intake runner being much more than a 200 will make it not run well on the race track. We do a partial port on the intake side and work over the combustion chamber area and exhaust port.


13 Degree Mod Heads

13-mod-heads-tekThe heads we sell will be prepped and finished as if they are going on an engine built in house. One of the biggest problems with doing an exotic valve angle head is the parts combination that goes with it. There are so many problems when doing this unless you buy a package designed to work together.